Spring 2013


Sale Report

PAIRS 104 pair/2-7 yrs old $2250-3150
HEAVY BRED COWS 47 hd / 4-7 yrs old $2300-2550
LIGHT BRED COWS 36 hd / 3-7 yrs old $1900-2200
HEAVY BRED HEIFERS 112 hd $1325-2275
LIGHT BRED HEIFERS 14 hd $1225-1500
F-1 BLK HEIFERS 62 hd $1325-1525
OPEN HFRS angus,brangus,xbreds 142 hd $1250-1425
TOTAL 527Hd $1928/avg
ANGUS BULLS 19 hd / 15mo-2yr old $2125-4600
BALANCER BULLS 11hd / 16-18 mo $3250-4100
CHAROLAIS BULLS 8hd / 2 yr old $2850-4350
SIMANGUS BULLS 5hd / coming 2 $3000-3400
HEREFORD BULLS 5hd / 2 yr old $1950-3050
BRAHMAN BULL 1hd / 2 yr old $2250
TOTAL 49Hd $3245/avg

Sale Preview

Todd Brown

Rosston, Ar; 6 head Brangus/Braford 1st Calf Pairs. 3 head F-1 Tigerstripe Heavy Bred 2nd calvers. 9 head bred Brangus Heifers. 2 Medium Bred CharX Heifers. All calves from CE Angus Bull

Jim O’Bryant

Gleenwood, Ar; 11 head Black & Black Motley faced Express Angus sired heifers. Heavy bred to Express calving ease bulls

Todd George

Arkadelphia, Ar; 23 head Open heifers out of F1 Braford cows and Kirkes Angus bulls.


Malvern, Ar; 6 head of registered Herefords coming 3 year old. 4 head 3in1 pairs with golden certified Hudgins calves. 2 head bred Herefords with golden certified eligible pregnancies

Triple S Ranch 3

Dequeen, Ar; 1 Head Two Year old Hereford Bull

Triple S Ranch 2

Triple S Ranch 1

Dequeen, Ar; 7 hd 4-5 year old black cows 3 months bred to traveler sons originated from hayes brothers, coming with there third calf. 7 hd 6-7 year old black bwf and 1 smokey 3 months bred to a traveler son

Bobby Lambert

Hope, Ar; 19 head purebred Angus heifers. Sired by Objective or a son of Objective by Angus cows.

Armstrong Farms

Hope, Ar; 20 head of yearling Angus sired open replacement heifers. 3 head of smutts

JM Pope

Mineral Springs, Ar; 48 head of open brangus/baldy and few brindle yearling heifers. all heifers sired by Gene Trust Brangus Bulls.

Southern Arkansas University

Magnolia, Ar; 3 head polled Hereford bulls. Full two year olds and are half brothers. Out of SAU's Hereford program. Two have papers.

Virginia Moran

McNiel, Ar; 12 hd of 6-7 year old cow 6 pairs will be 3 in 1′s with black calves weighing over 400 and the cows 3-5 months bred back. 5 pair with young calves all exposed back to the sire of the babies. 1 bred cow that is 6 months. A super set of middle age cows that have never been of the farm, selling due to the passing of Mr. Moran last fall. A rare opportunity at some classy cows.

Seedstock Plus

St. Catherine, Mo; 10 outstanding Balancer bulls from a very sucessful group of Gelbvieh/Balancer breaders.

K & T Cattle Co

Reeds, Mo; 6hd coming 2 year old Sim-Angus bulls. 6hd full 2 year Charolais bulls. Real nice set of bulls ready to work day one.

G & T Cattle

Hope, Ar; 3 Head of registered Angus Bulls. 2 are 17 months old and 1 is a two year old.

F & F Farms 2

Hope, Ar; 3 head of registered Angus Bulls. 16-18 months old. BW EPD's from 2.1 to 2.6

Clear Lake Farm 2

Hope, Ar; 20 hd of 3-5 year old Angus cows. Fall calvers bred to a son of SAV Potency

Clear Lake Farm 1

Hope, Ar; 4 hd pure bred calving ease Angus bulls. 2 years old. Sons of Vin-Mar O'Reilly's Factor by Yeild Grade daughters.

Circle S Farm

El Dorado, Ar; 2 head of registered Charolais bulls. Both have Feb. 2012 birthdates and will both be virgins.

Thomas Jones

Piney, AR 2 head of registered Angus Bulls. Birth Date: 12/22/2011 & 5/3/2012

Don Hall Brangus

Benton, AR; 6 head of Registered Brangus heifers 15-17 months old

Cross Farms 4

Magnolia, AR; 3hd yellow heifers out of tiger stripe cows and charolais bulls. Pairs with Angus black baldy and red baldy calves

Mike Graves

Nashville, Ar; 4hd Commercial/Purebred Angus Bulls 16-20 months old. Out of Genesis cows and Onward sires. Actual BW less than 80lbs

Cross Farms 3

Magnolia, AR; 15 hd black cows 3-6 yrs old heavy bred to charolais and Hereford bulls

Cross Farms 2

Magnolia, AR; 4 hd angus plus cows bred for their second calf to charolais bulls

Cross Farms 1

Magnolia, Ar; 7hd 3-5 yr old tigerstripes heavy bred to charolais bulls some will be pairs by sale day.

Terry Roath

Springhill, La; 8hd angus, angus plus heifers. Heifers are all sired by Hayes Brothers angus bulls They are extremely gentle, and will sell unexposed

Rolling Hills Farm

McNeil, Ar; 11 head brangus, angus, yellow heifers 3-5 months bred to LBW angus bulls

James Ross

Malvern, Ar; 3 head of 1st calf charolais X pairs with angus calves. 7 head charolais X heifers bred to LBW angus bulls.

Gary Boles

Donaldson, Ar; 20 head beefmaster X hereford 1st calf heifers. Heavy bred to CE angus bull. Few will be pairs by sale day.

D W Cattle

Hope, Ar; 30 head brangus/angus heifers heavy bred to CE angus bulls. Will calve in March and April for 60 days. 11 head brangus/angus heifers medium, bred to CE angus bulls.

JW Cattle

Bodcaw, Ar; 25 head 1st calf brangus pairs with angus calves. 7 head heavy bred brangus heifers bred to angus bulls. Could be pairs by sale day. 3 head charolais X heavy bred heifers.

ETTA Cattle

Malvern, Ar; 20 head brangus heifers heavy bred to LBW angus bulls.

Rowe/Brzeski 2

Hope, Ar; 45 head true F-1 brangus heifers. Sired by Hudgins brahman bulls. 15 head purebred angus heifers. All heifers sell unexposed.

Rowe/Brzeski 1

Hope, Ar; 21 head true F-1 brangus heifers sired by Hudgins brahman bulls. Light bred to LBW angus bulls. Exposed since Dec. 5th. Will be pregnancy checked by ultrasound prior to sale day. Undetectable pregnancy heifers will sell exposed. This consignment will include 3 crossbred & 3 purebred angus heifers

RBC/Steve Groves 2

Garland, Ar; 7 hd red angus all are A-I sired and heavy bred to Olde angus bulls

RBC/Steve Groves 1

Garland, Ar; 6 hd black angus out of Olde angus bulls heifers will 1/8 simmental heavy bred to Olde angus bulls

River Bend Farms

Garland, Ar; 6 hd black baldy true F-1 out of Hereford bulls and angus cows. These heifers are heavy bred to Olde angus bulls some will be pairs by sale day

High Horn Ranch

Hope, Ar; Angus Cows 29 head 4 year old Heavy Bred and Pairs. Calves will be sired by Hudgins Brahman or Purebred Angus Bulls

F & F Cattle 1

Hope, Ar; 24 head Angus and Brangus heifers. Bred to LBW Angus bulls to calve April & May 2014.