Thanks to Big Jakes Bar-B-Q for providing food for everyone attending the sale

Fall 2014

The Cream of Crop Sale was November 29, 2014 in Hope, Arkansas

Sale Report

2-4 year old Blacks/Black Baldies, Red Baldies, Hereford $3300 - $4100
F-1 Tigerstripes $3900 - $4750
83 Pair AVG $3,855
3-5 year old Angus, Black Baldies, Braford $2750 - $3700
31 Head AVG $3,350
F-1 Tigerstripes $2750 - $3850
Black/Black Baldy $2250 - $3750
Beefmasters $3,100
Red Angus $3100 - $3550
502 Head AVG $2,872
Blacks, Black Baldies, Lim-Flex, Brahman, F-1 Tigerstripes & 1/4 Blood blacks $1900 - $3500
68 Head AVG $2,255
684 Head Total Sale AVG $2,951

Sale Review

S & J Cattle

6hd True F - 1 Tigerstripe Open Hfrs 4 are Golden Certified

DW Cattle

64 hd Bred Hfrs
18 Black Baldies
19 Brangus
27 Angus
All Bred to CE Angus Bulls. All 6-7 Months Bred, Average Wt. 1000#

Hendry Ranch

8 hd Angus Plus Bred Hfrs
Bred to CE "Deer Valley" Angus Bulls
5-6 Months Bred

Chambless Farms

2 hd 1st Calf Hfr Pair with Angus Calves at Side

5 hd Blk/BB/Red Baldy Bred Hfrs
6-8 Months Bred to Same Angus Bull

5 hd Red Angus Bred Hfrs
5-7 Months Bred to Same Angus Bull

CG Farms

6 Head – Nice set of black Brangus cross heifers bred to LBW Angus bulls.

Raulerson Farms

30hd Black & Black Baldy Bred Hfrs
6-7 Months bred to LBW Angus/Brangus Bulls
A nice set of Homeraised Hfrs out of Angus & Brangus Bulls

Circle 4 Ranch

27hd 4&5 Year Old Pairs
Black / Black Baldy / Red Baldy Cows
Carrying Brangus Sired Calves at Side

17hd 3&4 Year Old Heavy Springers
Black / Black Baldy / Red Baldy Cows
Bred to High Performance Charolais Bulls
7-8 Months Bred
All Cows Homeraised from a Strong Genetic Commercial Program

15hd Homeraised Black & Black Baldy Hfrs
Selling Open & Unexposed

K G Cattle - Kelly Gage

15hd Purebred Angus Hfrs
Bred 5-6 Months
9hd Angus Sired 1/8X Hfrs
Bred 5-6 Months

All Hfrs Homeraised bred to Calving Ease Sons of Connealy Impression & Connealy Confidence

Campbell Cattle

11 head of open grey Brahman heifers.
Nice set of cow-makers that will fit into a F-1 program.

Cottingham Farms

10 head of Beefmaster heifers bred 4-7 months to LBW Angus bulls.
Nice set of hard to find red and blonde heifers.

Cottingham Farms

13 head of Brangus cross heifers bred 4-7 months to LBW Angus bulls.
Nice, gentle set of spring calving heifers.

7 head of Black and 9 head of Black Baldy heifers bred to LBW Kirkes Angus bulls.
Heifers will start calving in late January and calve through the first of May.
Fancy set of heifers bred to easy calving, high growth bulls.

Tommy Warren

9 hd of Black & Black Baldy Bred Hfrs
Bred to LBW Angus Bulls
Feb./March Calvers

Clear Lake

10hd Angus Cows 3-5 years old
Spring calvers Bred to Angus Bulls

May Family Farms

25hd Open Hfrs 12 Months Old
Quarter Bloods out of Tiger Stripe cows & Angus Bulls
About 1/3 Baldies, Balance Blacks
Selling Unexposed weighing 700 #
Will be in top shape for early spring breeding program

Diamond B Enterprises

16hd True Quarter Bloods Out of F-1 Tiger Stripe Cows by High Performance Angus Bulls
Should Start Calving Jan. 1 for no more than 60 days
Bred to CE Angus Bulls

Todd Brown

8hd Brangus Bred Hfrs
5-8 Months Bred to CE Angus Bulls

4hd Braford Bred Hfrs
6 Months Bred to CE Angus Bulls

9hd 1/2 to 3/4 Brahman Cross Bred Hfrs
Medium Bred to CE Angus Bulls

Arval Mason

10hd Lim-Flex Hfrs
Unexposed, Home Raised, & Very Gentle

J W Cattle

20hd First Calf Hfr Pairs
Brangus Sired Females with Angus Calves at side

15hd Brangus Sired Bred Hfrs
Heavy to Medium Bred to LBW Angus Bulls

8hd BrangusXChar Bred Hfrs
Heavy to Medium Bred to LBW Angus Bulls

B.E. Cattle Company

25 - Tigerstripe Heifers
Most are true F-1's out of Hereford Cows, they will be bred to a LBW "SeedStock Plus" Balancer Bull. Due to start calving mid Jan. for 90 days.

Clear Lake

18 - 1/4 Cross Black Baldy Hfrs
12 - Black Baldy Hfrs
5 - Angus hfrs
1/4 Blood Hfrs are Sired by "Langford" Hereford Bulls out of 'Hudgins" Sired F-1 Brangus Cows. 20 hd confirmed A I bred to "Connealy Combination" balance bred to a son of "Connealy Combination". Due to start calving on Jan. 8th for no more than 60 days. Hfrs will weigh in excess of 1000# by sale day. A very nice set of heifers to start the fall sale consignments.

Shane Wells - Imboden, Arkansas

7 - Black & Black Motley Face Bred Hfrs
6 - Red Motley Face Bred Hfrs
Spring Calvers bred to LBW Angus Bulls

Brett Brzeski

8 - 5 year old Fall Calving Angus Cows
Calves out of J.D. Hudgins Brahman Bulls
Big Stout Cows that should all be pairs by sale day


20 - Angus Sired Black & Black Baldy Heifers
Start Calving Around March 1st, 2015 for no more than 90 days.
Bred to a Son of EXAR Upshot

Beck Bros

28 - Angus / Angus Plus Bred Hfrs
Bred to Smith Farms CE Angus Bulls
Should start calving 1st week of Feb for no more than 65 days

BK Cattle Company

75 head of F-1 heifers out of Hereford cows and Braham bulls.
Bred to LBW Kirkes Angus Bulls. Should start calving Feb. 21 and calve for 90 days.
Nice set of big, fancy striped heifers.

Logan Hostetler

5 head Open tigerstripe heifers.
These heifers weigh 750lbs and are ready to breed.

CG Farms

6 head Red Angus heifers.
AI bred to red Angus sire Above and Beyond.
Should calve Jan. 15 – Feb. 28. Nice & gentle set of heifers.

BK Cattle Co.

7 head Tigerstripe heifers.
AI bred to U-266 LBW Angus bull on June 25, 2014. Should calve April 3, 2015.

River Bend

10 pair of Angus sired Black and Black Baldy heifers with Ohlde Angus sired calves at side
Calved in 14 day window from Sept. 20 – Oct. 5.
Heifers are in good condition and really milking

River Bend

40 head of Black and 10 head of Black Baldy one raising heifers out of Angus bulls and Brangus cross cows.
Heifers will start calving Jan. 15 to Ohlde LBW Angus bulls and calve out in 90 days.
Nice set of gentle, uniform heifers.